WeiKem Soccer Camp will provide an unified, positive soccer experience
where an individual can learn the sport and be on the same
“level playing field” as others that are deaf and hard of hearing.

Thank you to the volunteers!
You all helped make the camp a SUCCESS!

Coaches – Brian Donovan, Tyson Kanoya, Aislyn Scholey, Ella Ferguson, Keith Cassell and Devon Whitmore!
Food – Jennifer Martin, Amy Ferguson
Registration – Maddie Lapp, Leann Linneman
Photographer – Erin Knodle, Melissa Gamblin
Interpreters (Certified/Student) – Katie Roberts, Sam, Jasmine, Samantha Horine,
Helpers – Iani, Paulette Scott, Anna Paul, Aruna Rajagopalan, Erin Knodle, Grant Knodle, Carrer Knodle, Charles LeCrone

Thank you to the sponsors below!

To learn more about each sponsor, you can click on the image to go to their website. If you are interested in donating or being a sponsor, please contact us by email to start the process!

Whitfield Schools - St. Louis, MO
Rally Caps
Soccer Master
Deaf Inc

Questions, concerns or more information – email us at weikemsoccer@gmail.com.